Saturday, October 2, 2010

L4D The Sacrifice Trailer and Teaser

Yo Guys! Man My Tears come out when I see this, this is so exiting and My Heart for L4D is BURNING AGAIN!!! I believe that alot of people out the is very exiting about this "expansion". And they even have a L4D Comic, the chapter 4 comic about Bill is launch on 5th October 2010.

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The Sacrifice Comic:

"The Sacrifice" is the prequel to "The Passing," and takes place from the Left 4 Dead Survivors' perspective as they make their way South. You may read the comic to find out the official version of events or this October 5th you may play the game to choose your own ending.

In "The Sacrifice" for Left 4 Dead, gamers receive the complete Sacrifice campaign with maps playable in Campaign, Versus, and Survival. There are 5 new achievements, a new style finale and plenty of places for devastating Hunter pounces.

For Left 4 Dead 2, gamers receive "The Sacrifice" campaign and L4D1's "No Mercy" both playable with the L4D1 Survivors. This version also offers 5 new achievements. In the L4D2 version of "The Sacrifice" each campaign is playable in Campaign, Versus, Survival, and Scavenge modes, and both "The Sacrifice" and L4D2 version of No Mercy feature the Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected, items, and weapons. Yes, Zoey with a chainsaw!

"The Sacrifice" will be available as two separate packages on Xbox Live for 560 Microsoft Points each and free to all PC gamers.

And you realize the person who posted video and said that do not Sacrifice Francis. I don't know what is the real meaning maybe you guys can found out on the game launch date 5th October 2010.

Hope you guys enjoy my post and have a great day ahead! Ciao!

CREDITS: TheCrackBox

MY LIFE FOR BILL! Nang it if you like it =)


  1. Too bad I'm not one of those girls who are into these kind of gaming stuffs :p

  2. I only play games when I go to CC which is quite rarely since I promised mom I quit games. Nice post though =D

  3. fuckin hell this is awesome. I did not realise when's the release date for the latest installment of l4d until u posted it!! I can't wait to play back the original team!!! I hope the new weapons will be awesome.

  4. @Cereal: lol thx for the comment! enjoy your games!

    @Steven: awww =)

    @Hilda: so you do play L4D yal?


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