Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heroes of Newerth at Garena Gameplay (Bubbles)

Actually I had played this game before the Beta Close on middle of year 2010.
And they have few new heroes for now.
Example: Bubble is a Puck (DOTA Version)
This is the first time I use this hero, is very enjoyable and easy.
All you need to do you about the item? Actually Bubbles HP is lower than others Hero, and you can buy a Vanguard and follow Item Suggestion Tab to buy some item that support Bubbles. (Mostly will be Intelligent Item)
HONS makes everything looks very easy unlike DOTA it is so confusing and complicated =)

Some other video of Game-Play of Bubble you would like to see

Hope you guys enjoy this short post and hope you enjoy the games too.
PS: alot of pro on Garena thou =/ lol, so you know what is my Nick right? ;)

From Kian Fai


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