Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gamer = No Life?

Gamer = No Life?

Alot of people think about gamer, which is fall into no life group categories.

I kinda disagree right now, within a few month I do some research on human, which is playing games and selling the game product at the same time. And I do not think that it is no life, WHICH depends how you play the games.

Ok you hear or read it right? I'm working and playing
computer games as well, I kinda understand some feelings due to let people call myself LOW LIFE or NO LIFE!
What's up with playing game? Actually Play computer games with other friends is very fun and cheerful, and you get kinda emotional as well.

There's a few example of games which is alot of fun such as below =)

League of Legends (didn't really play this)

Defend of the Ancient

Heroes of Newerth

World of Warcraft

Warcraft III

Serious Sam


Counter Strike

last and not least Starcraft and Starcraft-2

This is what I played for pass few years since very young* until now haha =)
Main Point: Play game with moderation, do not play until very hardcore.
Nuff Said. =D

By Kian Fai


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