Monday, October 18, 2010

Discovery on Beginning of October 2010

Hey Guys! Just a quick update about me, what have I done on beginning on October, 2010. It's so rare that I would update this kind of post =P
Is kinda looks like story telling through the photo. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it.

This is what I did on 3th October, 2010. Sit KTM Subang Jaya, transit to LRT Rapid KL and go to Ampang Park. Nearby Hotel Nikko and it is very convinient for traveler from oversea to Malaysia and have a walk in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

And you can wait for Bus and Taxi, or you can sit Rapid KL LRT to KLCC in less than 5minutes.

There's alot of passenger over here.

Passenger with stress face but LRT travel like speed of lights, in other words, it is Roller-Coaster.

I believe you guys got go to ss15 Mc Donald Drive through before right? I just realize it on Morning, 14th October 2010, it had renovate it to become more cool, very stylish and interesting interior design. You will feel very different from previous version of Mc Donald Drive through.

This is on 15th October, Friday Night, Dinning with my brother at Hailam Kopitiam, Bukit Tinggi Klang. Food compare with SS15 Subang Jaya Branch, SS15 Hailam is still better than Bukit Tinggi Branch. =P

Okays! This is Sunway Giza, so I hope this is not so late for me, at first I heard from my friend on phone
Friend: "Wei, we going Sunway Giza."
Me: "Where was it? Near Sunway Pyramid?"
Friend: "No, it is at Kota Damansara, Near The Curve"
Me: "What the . . . ."
So I try to get Clear Instruction from my friend to help me get there, and I realize Sunway Giza is under Sunway Damansara Sdn Bhd. So is it related to Sunway Group? I got no idea about it =P

Interesting Design, I wish I could be there by day time next time. I had reach Sunway Giza around 9pm and there is heck alot of people in Sunway Giza. Octoberfest is right beside FULLHOUSE!

FULLHOUSE is the most eye catching Restaurant in Sunway Giza, Awwww =/
There's too many people waiting for Table & Seats, end up we went to another Restaurant to have a quick dining. Ok many people may wondering why is it so many people and why FULLHOUSE is so Famous? You can check out CleverMunkey Post, it gives a great comment and very detail post ;)

Yesterday, 17th October 2010, me and my friend went to Puchong around 5pm+. Actually we decide to go IOI Mall to have a walk, but end up we walking around at IOI Boulevard. Found out this new building and it claims it self as Wisma "Something" (behind Maybank). From the photo, it is very obvious that this is a cyber cafe. And when you walk in, it is . . . in mandarin terms said that "Hanging Goat Head, Selling Dog Meat" so, you know, I know yeah =P

Another 1 of them, right the other corner.

Ok this is IOI Boulevard, fill up with Restaurant and some Boutiques.

They have Papa Rich, Cone Pizza, Pork Place, D' Three and etc. They have of nice food over there, need yourself to discover it alright?

Nice View from IOI Boulevard, and 1 thing I would like to mention is because all the Restaurant and Cafe is Outside of the Building, not inside of the building, it totally upside down if you compare with Sunway Giza. You get my meaning right? =P

Manage to have a pass by this Pet Shop, lol Golden Retriever!

LoL dam poo poo spoil the Image! =/

Okays! This is the place called Restaurant Pork Place, tasty pork with "reasonable" price. And it sell some meats and goods, of course it is pork only. For more information about this Food Update, you can go to HouHouSek and I believe it update as soon as possible.

From Kian Fai

P.S.: And Have a nice day to all of you!
Share your weekend or your discover on October as well =P

Nang it if you like it =)


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