Saturday, October 30, 2010

Be Part of ChurpChurp Today!

ChurpChurp, The Social Media Solutions Community
Aww I didn't go fly kite session =)

First of all, what is ChurpChurp? And why most of my friends join ChurpChurp?
When you access the ChurpChurp website, you will see this tab in your website, it explain how colourful with useful information why you should choose ChurpChurp.

Example: I had watch ALTITUDE, and I spread my message on Twitter, people would say "Oh My God! Octopus in the Air!!!" "Bruce cry like a Baby!"

So 1 day, there's a people wanted to sell his very tasty Cookies, but how? ChurpChurp would definetely help the people who need to advertise his cookies.

ChurpChurp will contact ME by email and tell me how to tweet about his cookies. And more people will would reply me and say "I would like to try some!" "How much is that Yummy Cookies?"

It seems that the Cookies it's so Tasty! It gives cool respond =) And the more Assignment I receive from ChurpChurp, the more respond I receive. Cool Right?

So . . . Why dont Join ChurpChurp Community meet some new friends and get rewarded?

Follow ChurpChurp on Facebook and Twitter TODAY! You will have some surprise and news update from them frequently! (Bookmark it!)

The post above is just showing "What is ChurpChurp?" in a simple way, for more information, I believe you would like to visit ChurpChurp.

If you cant understand how it ChurpChurp functioned, you can follow me on twitter too. ^^

Last and not least, previously I didn't Join Fly Kite Session with ChurpChurp due to is Satuday. If ChurpChurp got event, I hope it is on Sunday, that's it! Hope you guys enjoy my post!

NANG me if you like it ;)

By Kian Fai


  1. i'm not joining coz i know there's a serious competition out there! good luck!

  2. Thanks for all the comment and yah! is GOOD to be Churper! =D

  3. Eh you look diff with glasses and without glasses leh ! :D Nice post btw :D

  4. @shuwen that was my younger brother!!!!

    @tehtarik thanks alot

    @kahmon thansk =)

  5. great narration for ChurpChurp and good luck in the competition :)

  6. wow.. intereting post.. gluck buddy

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