Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yes I'm Regret But I will Stand Still

Actually want to make this emotional post long time ago. That's about what I can become and depends my financial setting also.

If my Family last time was rich enough, a house will have a Piano in it. I maybe become like Beethoven =D

I may be . . . Musician? Practically I was once a School Marching Band Percussionist.

I may become a Rocker Yoooo!!! Something like My Chemical Romance Singer! =D Or Bon Jovi~

I do love Music, and well . . . But now I try to lust out my creativity mind and become a good Designer . . . Although abit regret about it and I will try my best to become 1 of the good Designer in every1 eye . . .

PS: When you read this post, you realize that my Hobby is Starcraft2 and love listen to Heavy Metal Music and Classical Music at the same time huh? Yes this is true =D



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