Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Post : Starcraft 2 - Jim Raynor

Hi all, sorry for the late update and I gonna post about Starcraft 2 again! Personally I am fan of current Jim Raynor, last time I play previous Starcraft when I was 13 years old, I totally I got no idea about "who's this ugly man named Jim Raynor" LuLz. And now I'm 23 years old and I am reading each of the story line, at least I understand who is Kerrigan that got infested =(
Jim Raynor Wikipedia

Each time when you open Starcraft 2 games, this will be your loading screen =)

Jim Raynor Marines Suits is my Favorite, well although cant wear it in real life. And my current portrait is Panda Marines! =D Not bad huh?

Didn't know that Blizzard will come out such cute toys . . . man I think this is limited. And his left arms!! His left arms got Horde Sign/Logo babe! Man > . < (I didn't really check the net and well I didn't know what was this about, 1 word, Nice :)

Last and not least well . . . this picture is kinda reminds me of Ironman Movie! Guys look at Raynor Suits on the poster, is kinda fake and really looks like Ironman ok? LOL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

That's what I wanted to post for right now. If you guys interested to look for me on gameplay, can add me "Tamimi" code "920". And remind me to add you back. Sometimes I might have some friends gather on Battle-Net and watch other good player how they play with it.

From KIANFAI aka Tamimi

Have a great day ~


  1. I used to play Starcraft... Protos, Terran and Zerg... and the toy is srsly cute...

  2. i still havent play starcraft 2 =(

  3. I played Startcraft but not Starcraft 2...too old for it now !!

  4. wow...nice man..u bought the original ar??

  5. @k~^|n yes I bought the Original!

    @Ronnie hahah think young Ronnie =)

    @ken no worries Ken! sure have sometimes to buy and play it =)

    @Jearragus Ya the little toy is cool, I think is limited edition for donation to kids. Blizzard Corporation do some charity also yah lol! Fight for Freedom!

    Thanks for the comment guys!

  6. Where did you get the little figure

    1. Hi there, not sure about the figure but you can check it out from here!
      As I mention that the little figure might be a limited toy!

      Link: http://us.blizzard.com/store/index.xml


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