Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For some additional Update of Starcraft 2

For some additional Update of Starcraft 2

Ok, some people had asked my when is the release date for Starcraft 2!
Man this question you guys should known for last few weeks!
Ok The Actual Release date for the whole world is 27th July, 2010.

Blizzard Web Page will give you all details you need!

To play this game, you need a Internet Access. You need to create a Battle-Net Account as well. You got 2 choices to play either Single Player or Multi Player games.

For Battle-Net Account or web page detail.

Single Player is to Versus AI (Computers) or challenge campaign on Casual Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode and Insane Mode. And this challenge will have a similar system linked with World of Warcraft Achievement System. Example: You had Challenge Hard Mode on Liberation Day and you will get some Achievement on it.

Why do I say play
1 vs 1 on Multi-Player games is because 1 vs 1 games is more challenging and it is mind set game as well. You need to aware what is enemy building and defend your base in a proper way. Is very easy to get check-mate if you didn't aware about it.

Here is some video from HDStarcraft and do visit it on youtube.com.

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