Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Reason I don't want' sleep is . . . . (Horror)

The Reason I don't want' sleep is . . . .

1) Waiting for my friends call

2) Supper! :) yum yum

3) Emotional Day I had

4) Computer Games >:(

5) Is the Main Reason of it and I gonna put a long post.

Is about Horror huh? I'm back and make sure I won't get sick!
Is because I think too much about it, watch too much TV Series =)
I stay awake is because . . . . (I moved to new house last year, now got no problem)

Well to prove it when you moved into new house, I got some survey from my 1 years old Nephew and few months old Niece. Beginning first 2 months, they cry dam loud on 12am to 2am.

My Parents and my sister go Tokong and pray . . . And bring back some Talisman.

Next day, the way that babies act, goes normal, Hungry = Cry, Shit = Cry, nothing abnormal happen.

Another friends of mine, she study at Taylor College (SS15), she rent room direct opposite Sri Kuala Lumpur Secondary school. She sick for 3months while working on study / assignment. Immediately she doesn't feel right and moved out from it! I went to her place before, it's suck indeed. =(

Told ya, crazy?



  1. that was like kinda true, need to beware of it! =)

  2. I'm scared of stuffs like this ):


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