Saturday, July 10, 2010

Milwaukee Steak House - USJ 19 Digital Mall

Milwaukee Steak House located at USJ 19 Digital Mall, I think this Steak House open for more than 3 months. Seems that it really near my house (a few steps), so I had decide to drive over and nom nom nom LOL!

Oven Baked Green Mussel - RM 14.90
Oyster Baked with Cheese, not bad =)

Milwaukee Wild Mushroom Soup - RM 10.90
Mushroom Soup bowled with Bread! It's so special and you can eat it all without a waste? The taste of the soup seems to be "ordinary". And the best part is the bread.

So Cute huh!?

Bolognaise Beef - RM 20.90
Each of the Spaghetti covered with Mouthful Cheese, served with a Garlic Bread and Beef Bacon.

Hawaiian Chicken - RM 23.90
Grilled Boneless Chicken, Chicken Sausages, pieces of Pineapples, Mushroom Sauce, with Top of melted cheddar.

The Receipt!!!!

Price is Costy and Food is taste is not bad (my friends say that those food is nice, but it seems to be not bad), I get to taste better foods in other place. Service can be improve. (sometimes the service is abit lost focus)

Milwaukee Steak House had a HQ located at Plaza House of Milwaukee - Jalan Kasturi, and few branches located at Petaling Jaya Jalan 51A/221, Kepong Metro Prima at Vesta Magna, Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower.

Breaking News for those who's study oversea just back to Malaysia for summer holiday: Next stop will be in Murni USJ 9? I heard Murni located in SS2 had open 2 branches.


P.S.: Please forgive me that there is heck alot of grammar error. Thank You very much!


  1. i tried before~ love the mushroom soup hehe :)

    here's mine

  2. hahaha connie! promote ur link here huh?

    the mushroom soup nice! =D


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