Friday, July 16, 2010

McDonald's - Grilled Chicken Burger

NICE! JUICY! It looooooks really huge ok?
Tell you guys, I can finish this in less than 30 second, want see? Spend me this burger! LOL!

So guys and girls, I believe you guys saw this on MCD ok? And even MCD Leaflet advertisement is dam nice . . . But if you buy this burger ala carte with RM 8.40, is totally not worth at all. The SIZE is really matter ok?
(I buy this on 16th July 2010, 3.00am+)

For my opinion, I can 1 hand grab this burger and squeeze inside my Fist.
Taste: 7/10
Size: 0.5/10
So you guys think about it, RM 8.40 with that tiny burger worth it?
Think about it.

PS: This burger FML! I would rather buy 2 Double Cheese Burger!


  1. wow... reli FYL.. haha.... i was about to try it later.. @.@ saw ur post... might ask my fren buy 1st.. hahaz.... don1 FML.. >.<

  2. I agree with you Kian Fai... say no to GCB!!!

  3. "This burger FML!"? What are you trying to say, that the burger fucks your life? That's a tad bit dramatic don't you think? LOLLL.

    You are too calculative. The reason why it is expensive is only because it's available only for A LIMITED TIME. If it were to be a long term product in the menu, then surely it won't be as expensive cause if it really is that expensive there won't be that much of a demand for it since people will most likely go for something cheaper or more "worth it".

    But GCB tastes really good though. And maybe you just happened to get a small GCB by chance. By my own experience, the GCB is actually kinda inconsistent. Sometimes it's big sometimes it's small. Perhaps it depends on the size of the chicken thigh.


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