Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[Emotional] Jealousy

Why the title is Jealousy?

Is 1 of the human Sin.

I would post it simple, and make it clear.

This incident happen on last year.

I post on my status and ask for "Who want to join me for Starcraft games?"

And she appeared out from no where!

She jealous at me, and scold me / act like elder.

How she scold me? And why she scold me?

It begin on a msn chat, she is my cousin, I always respect her and called her jie jie.

I work in same line with her, my own printing business, she got own strong base printing business. Mine was started in 3 years ago?

And she say her rental at ss15 is around RM 5,000 per month? (FTW stop fucking lie to me u sacarsm!)

And she had give birth 2 baby.

She's handling 1 of the printing shop (means got another 2 branches)

I understand . . . I also very busy, I told her, I got no Holiday and I work 7days a week. 1 day to be honest, my earning for the shop is around average RM 400 per days.

Now the argue begins here, she say my shop can earn RM 1,000.00 per days. My foot! Come and Kiss my ass please?

U rather believe in your mother (the big fucking lier), to be honest here this is a family war, she her ownself also got argue with her mother before *giggles*

So now I use another Facebook to view my cousin, everyday Farmville! (Kuatnya si babi ini)

Such a dumbo enjoying her fucking so called "life".

Elders . . . Please, before you fucking jealous about it, think about yourself alright?

By Kian Fai
PS: I still can't understand, why the hell Women will Jealous to a younger boy like me?? Dumb? (Stated on top, it happen on last year!)


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