Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Announcment - Half Sick

Announcment - Half Sick

Hand Swollen - Sensitive Issue with Skin, Bitten by Ant Monday Night when closing the shop. Til now Wednesday, maybe I should look for doctor. I had stung by bee on my younger ages, I think is on Primary 5 or Primary 6.

Flu - Sensitive Issue with Nose since my young time. I couldn't take those perfume with strong smell.

Both of my leg itching - Sensitive Issue with Skin, and I cant even take beer anymore, had been itching more then 7 days! GOD!

By KianFai

P.S.: Couldn't really update blog coz my hand . . .


  1. First time here, get well soon then. drop by sometimes! (:

  2. sensitive one owh you...get well soon :-)


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