Friday, July 16, 2010

Touch My Body (Tuts My Barreh) / Karaoke Fail (English subtitles)

Touch My Body (Tuts My Barreh) / Karaoke Fail (English subtitles)



McDonald's - Grilled Chicken Burger

NICE! JUICY! It looooooks really huge ok?
Tell you guys, I can finish this in less than 30 second, want see? Spend me this burger! LOL!

So guys and girls, I believe you guys saw this on MCD ok? And even MCD Leaflet advertisement is dam nice . . . But if you buy this burger ala carte with RM 8.40, is totally not worth at all. The SIZE is really matter ok?
(I buy this on 16th July 2010, 3.00am+)

For my opinion, I can 1 hand grab this burger and squeeze inside my Fist.
Taste: 7/10
Size: 0.5/10
So you guys think about it, RM 8.40 with that tiny burger worth it?
Think about it.

PS: This burger FML! I would rather buy 2 Double Cheese Burger!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Announcment - Half Sick

Announcment - Half Sick

Hand Swollen - Sensitive Issue with Skin, Bitten by Ant Monday Night when closing the shop. Til now Wednesday, maybe I should look for doctor. I had stung by bee on my younger ages, I think is on Primary 5 or Primary 6.

Flu - Sensitive Issue with Nose since my young time. I couldn't take those perfume with strong smell.

Both of my leg itching - Sensitive Issue with Skin, and I cant even take beer anymore, had been itching more then 7 days! GOD!

By KianFai

P.S.: Couldn't really update blog coz my hand . . .

Saturday, July 10, 2010

楊烈 - 如果能夠 (LIVE)

Well I really like this song, but on youtube search, it seems that don't have any MTV of it =(



STARCRAFT II on Store 27th July, 2010 (US Actual Date)

So, for Malaysia, it might be same day or . . . late few days!

Tell you guys what, Blizzard company products is more efficient than APPLE

Ok this months is the SCII Launching Month!





e-Factory Service Review

Well I'm not really Happy with this kind of Online Game Advertising.

Last time I remember heck alot of Online Games Company update on their on website very frequent. They even use Gamer Magazine to advertise their own games. Tell you guys how to advertise la, use Facebook, own Website, E-mail. But your company website like rubbish, and don't know where to click.

Your person in charge on Facebook it seems don't understand english at all??

Nice website but too bad your operator and person in charge do not understand english! Shame on you! I'm well educated in Mandarin Language as well! To survive in Malaysia, you don't know how to speak English, why you working on this "Big Company"?

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

Milwaukee Steak House - USJ 19 Digital Mall

Milwaukee Steak House located at USJ 19 Digital Mall, I think this Steak House open for more than 3 months. Seems that it really near my house (a few steps), so I had decide to drive over and nom nom nom LOL!

Oven Baked Green Mussel - RM 14.90
Oyster Baked with Cheese, not bad =)

Milwaukee Wild Mushroom Soup - RM 10.90
Mushroom Soup bowled with Bread! It's so special and you can eat it all without a waste? The taste of the soup seems to be "ordinary". And the best part is the bread.

So Cute huh!?

Bolognaise Beef - RM 20.90
Each of the Spaghetti covered with Mouthful Cheese, served with a Garlic Bread and Beef Bacon.

Hawaiian Chicken - RM 23.90
Grilled Boneless Chicken, Chicken Sausages, pieces of Pineapples, Mushroom Sauce, with Top of melted cheddar.

The Receipt!!!!

Price is Costy and Food is taste is not bad (my friends say that those food is nice, but it seems to be not bad), I get to taste better foods in other place. Service can be improve. (sometimes the service is abit lost focus)

Milwaukee Steak House had a HQ located at Plaza House of Milwaukee - Jalan Kasturi, and few branches located at Petaling Jaya Jalan 51A/221, Kepong Metro Prima at Vesta Magna, Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower.

Breaking News for those who's study oversea just back to Malaysia for summer holiday: Next stop will be in Murni USJ 9? I heard Murni located in SS2 had open 2 branches.


P.S.: Please forgive me that there is heck alot of grammar error. Thank You very much!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World of Mee-craft! (Photo Only!)

Oh my my! Sorry these photo is not Tanggung Halal! Anyways, feel like carving these foods now especially . . . All of it la! LOL!


Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin

Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin

Love this trance movement . . . Hold me my sweet, Hold me loves =X
(But I do think MTV is slightly "it can be imporve", anyway . . . is a great song indeed)


The Reason I don't want' sleep is . . . . (Horror)

The Reason I don't want' sleep is . . . .

1) Waiting for my friends call

2) Supper! :) yum yum

3) Emotional Day I had

4) Computer Games >:(

5) Is the Main Reason of it and I gonna put a long post.

Is about Horror huh? I'm back and make sure I won't get sick!
Is because I think too much about it, watch too much TV Series =)
I stay awake is because . . . . (I moved to new house last year, now got no problem)

Well to prove it when you moved into new house, I got some survey from my 1 years old Nephew and few months old Niece. Beginning first 2 months, they cry dam loud on 12am to 2am.

My Parents and my sister go Tokong and pray . . . And bring back some Talisman.

Next day, the way that babies act, goes normal, Hungry = Cry, Shit = Cry, nothing abnormal happen.

Another friends of mine, she study at Taylor College (SS15), she rent room direct opposite Sri Kuala Lumpur Secondary school. She sick for 3months while working on study / assignment. Immediately she doesn't feel right and moved out from it! I went to her place before, it's suck indeed. =(

Told ya, crazy?


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[Emotional] Jealousy

Why the title is Jealousy?

Is 1 of the human Sin.

I would post it simple, and make it clear.

This incident happen on last year.

I post on my status and ask for "Who want to join me for Starcraft games?"

And she appeared out from no where!

She jealous at me, and scold me / act like elder.

How she scold me? And why she scold me?

It begin on a msn chat, she is my cousin, I always respect her and called her jie jie.

I work in same line with her, my own printing business, she got own strong base printing business. Mine was started in 3 years ago?

And she say her rental at ss15 is around RM 5,000 per month? (FTW stop fucking lie to me u sacarsm!)

And she had give birth 2 baby.

She's handling 1 of the printing shop (means got another 2 branches)

I understand . . . I also very busy, I told her, I got no Holiday and I work 7days a week. 1 day to be honest, my earning for the shop is around average RM 400 per days.

Now the argue begins here, she say my shop can earn RM 1,000.00 per days. My foot! Come and Kiss my ass please?

U rather believe in your mother (the big fucking lier), to be honest here this is a family war, she her ownself also got argue with her mother before *giggles*

So now I use another Facebook to view my cousin, everyday Farmville! (Kuatnya si babi ini)

Such a dumbo enjoying her fucking so called "life".

Elders . . . Please, before you fucking jealous about it, think about yourself alright?

By Kian Fai
PS: I still can't understand, why the hell Women will Jealous to a younger boy like me?? Dumb? (Stated on top, it happen on last year!)

Late Wish, Happy Father & Mother Dayzz!!

Sorry for the Late updates, currently I got busy and some how I got sometimes to blog something. But my brain is stuck! Can't think something good to post up! =) Well some of my friend post just reminded me to post something about parents. Anyway . . . I would like to wish Happy Belated Father & Mother Days! =( I'm so sorry couldn't update on last few days (for this post), maybe on that moment I feel dam emotional with some trance techno music! Anyway, photo would tell zillion words about it ^^ having family dinner with parents at i-Dragon Inn, AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang.

My Brother =)

My Sister & My Mum =)

My Father & Brother Again =)

Me Myself =)

PS: will update more interesting post soon. Thanks for reading it ^^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

費玉清 - 模仿綜合


I wanna be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I wanna be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!! =D

What I should do with my New Magical Power?

To secure the security at the city, by the power of the flames. (Nicolas Cage White Flame Balls is awesomeness!!)

Shape-shifting and make no traffic jams.

Speed of lights to make rescue!

Once you got the power become powerful, you can conquer the the city step by step and slowly swallow it! XD

So I would like to become Villain ^.^ Wish me luck by becoming Villain! And CONQUER the Movie Ticket!

By KianFai

Thanks for the reading!