Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wtf? France vs Uruguay (0 - 0); South Africa vs Mexico (1-1)

Wanted to chase this match LIVE but too bad I need to work on Saturday morning . . .

And I didn't really expect France would draw this match =(

And South Africa draw with Mexico as well. (couldn't find a better video highlights on youtube haha)

France vs Uruguay (0 - 0)
South Africa vs Mexico (1-1)

Note! Video Had been removed on youtube due to copyrights of FIFA World Cup, Sorry for inconvenience!

Awesome goal on Tsabalala =) seriously! And Mexico put on surprise attack on South Africa! Anyways . . . Was hopping South Africa could improve more on avoid surprise attack from other country =P

Enjoy =)



  1. @nina memang bulat, mungkin player terlalu tua jugak . . . (kawan komen)

  2. lol what a comment from john =P


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