Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Movie : Toy Story 3
Venue : Summit USJ - THX 11.45pm (19th June, 2010)
Who? : Me (Kian Fai), TY, Suan X 2, Kian Sheng

Why Not 3D? Because 4 person of us, 3 person is wearing specs . . .

Well Toy Story 3 will shown up a short video called Day & Night, it's touching!


This is just a part of the video clip, and if you go to watch the movie, make sure to go into cinema slightly early, it will show up after advertistment! And it is so touching!

Detail of Toy Story : I wont tell it so obvious anyways, else I got screwed by other friends / blogger. I promise . . . It "won't" be so obvious =X And anyway! Buzz Lightyear will give you guys heck alot of surprise! Might as well the smartest Woody!

Split Personality? =P Best Friend with Twitch (In my opinion)

Err . . . Nothing Special? Best Friend with Chunk (In my opinion)

DOLLY The Evil Witch!!! Hmmmm =)

Aww Big Baby, I'm so Proud of you! =)

And Now this is the Pink Plushy Bear, hmmmm (smell it) Strawberry ~ ~

Anyway this Toy Story 3 is so meaningful, and it seems Andy is going to University . . .

After Movie Session, I fetch Suan X 2 and Kian Sheng back to home first, and pass by this place the road called SS13/1K. The balloon it shows like a moon!! hahah Try to double signal at the road side and grab the picture =) (It was almost 2am soon)

After Movie Session, me and TY went to ss15 Uphill MC Donald and having supper. Nuggets! Yummy! =P Feel like gonna eat it again, maybe will call TY to buy it!!

By KianFai

P.S.: Anyway I gotta watch this for another 1 - 2 times . . . . Because of promises hehe


  1. me too =3! feel like craving it now!!!

  2. Haha, your captions are tricky. Good way from preventing spoilers. Agree that its a nice movie :)

  3. @zenghoong haha yah, the best picture of this post is . . . NUGGET =D

  4. Yeah, i love the day and night animation XD so cute!

  5. @MsXeroz me too =P

    @connie u sure u wan me to ajak? I can ajak 1 more time geh . . . coz I love thif movie =P

  6. I missed the day & night short! And couldn't find it on youtube. Oh well. Toy Story 3 indeed the best film of the first of half of year 2010!


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