Monday, June 7, 2010

A simple Apologize is Hard to say out? Or Type it Out?

Sorry, Is all words again. This Happen on Last week I think.

I don't care where you come from (sabah or west Malaysia), we are all human, personally I think that you sucks, because as a admin of the group, you have the right to change the name of the groups, change the profile picture of the group and change the detail of the group.

You didn't! Why? Is it hard to type out a sorry? A simple apologize, and you cant type it out? Being Human, you know how to apologize and how to forgive other people. But you didn't!!! Your sister, Your buddy support you, but is in a wrong way. Think wisely, you had break the LAW! And you might hurt other people feelings! With a simple google search, copy and paste and save it into your desktop! Why don't you try to google what is the meaning? Who's the owner? You can even google their website and you can even found their main location as well!

JLUX (Fake) - Facebook Group

Stephen Lim aka Stephen KkZhai

Please think wisely, I didn't post anything bad about it, just need to let you guys know, once you copy other people works and use it, you had break the Law. Too bad in this world Law is not strong enough. Else you will be OWNED by somebody by using LAW to be-OWNED!


PS: As a designer like me, I personally feel very sensitive about this Issue. =)

**UPDATE** Stephen Lim had apologize and Facebook had removed the groups. =)


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