Sunday, June 6, 2010

A post a day, Lazy will go away.

A post a day, Lazy will go away.

Ok why so sudden I post this kinda topic?

First of all, I would like to apologize to not to update my blog, because I'm LAZY!

And . . . LAZY well end all of your single work! It means GG!!

So sorry because my LAZY Virus had been infected to me!

So I will explain over here what had I done, working, L4D-ing (Mass Versus), X Hero Siege, Makan-ing, sleeping . . . So I had plenty more time to blog and . . . I'm LAZY so please forgive me . . .

Lazy would end up all of your plan as in:
- dun really want to click the link
- dun really want to go out
- dun really want to drive
- dun really want to eat unless some1 go and cook it
- dun really want to eat unless some1 go and "take away" it
- dun really want to go cyber cafe with friends unless somebody "belanja" you
- dun really want to go and work unless some1 fetch you

Ok, somehow I realize some Malaysian are LAZY! Because of someone wannabe Birthday, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Awal Muharam, School every First Week of the Month - The Day of Saturday is a Holiday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year Eve, The Day of Eating Chinese Dumplings, The Day of Eating Mooncake and more! Etc ....!

So many Holidays, even is non of our Business Also HOLIDAY! Oh well . . .

So I dun really complain much about it, because of Holidays. ( I work 7days a week ok? Not 8days a week!)

Well I hope less Holiday, so the value of Malaysia Financial Will GROW! And you can reduce the Working time and more part times for other poor ass!


PS (Seriously I work 7days a week alright? Is just Sunday that I work until 5pm)

Sorry for my poor English! Thank You for Reading!


  1. OMG i am 70% lazy based on your post = =

  2. haha so true...I don't complain about the holidays either. :D who doesn't love a holiday? hehe...

  3. @Fish hahahaha!!!!!!!

    @Jfook aye aye captain!

    @mabelebam lol me love too! =P

  4. Sometimes we can only admit lost to the laziness

  5. man ... u really work 7 days a week...if me KO i looks lazy based on ur post == mmmm


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