Sunday, June 13, 2010

Having Hard Time . . . .

I would like to apologize to many peoples which I owe alot of work and I haven't completed yet.

I got no mood to post something like world cup post, the WC Highlights is making me sick.

I would like to revenge to those peoples who's promise me but it didn't really achieve it.

I hate people promise me, like today . . . . Sunday suppose to be my great day, promised me on 1pm, now? Look at the damm clock . . . 3.45pm . . . I is having hard time with my work, of you don't promise me on that day, I would ask another person which is more responsibility to help me fix my machine. Because of your kindness and you can't promise me . . .

What reason you would like to give? Your parent pass away? Your Brother pass away? Your Dog is dead? Your son is sick? You motor bike Tyre blown off by itself?

Yesterday you had promise me (saturday) promise me on 1pm also . . . I sit there until 8pm you still haven't shown up at my office. What the fuck you doing? Your promise is precious, you don't even want to pick up my phone call, this is what I really feddup about. Boss, promise is a promise, you can say you don't want to do my work. At least pick up my phone call, tell me what is you problem I can help you solve the problem. If you say you don't want to do or repair my machines, it is ok. I will call another person.

Then Why the fuck don't pick up my phone call? I ask for help! NOT ASK FOR MONEY you dumb fuck! AKU BUKAN BANK, AKU BUKAN AH LOONG, AKU SAJE NAK MINTA TOLONG! DO NOT MAKE A PROMISE THAT YOU CANT EVEN HELP ME!

Pick up my call, I wont kill you alright? I can kill you with my voice?

I will made my last decision, I wont do anything if you beg me, you can fuck off and go to hell. I wont beg a single help from you, you don't ever fucking come into my office. Don't waste my precious time.


PS: at the same time he is my client and he act very kind and he's indian. Fuck face!


  1. Hey~ I know that Fuck face joke, from Russel Peter right ?? :P

  2. lol Bruce this is not the joke, I got no idea what u talking about =)


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