Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FREE? Ask yourself

Well I am not old, is just a emotional post from me, currently right now my location is in cyber cafe.

And recently I saw some post like Free Passes, Free CD's or Free Free Free some shit la!

This world sure have something Free, but it doesn't mean it's FREE at all. And is for the CHOOSEN 1. When you walk pass some shop with a few promoters standing outside of the shop, be wary, might as well is cheaters promoter! We (Human) is asking money from each other, so who you wanna be? Asking Money from other people the most? Or become a person which is spend the money most? Somehow I would like to become ask money the most! And I try to aware some people which is ask money from me as well. Become greedy, it might change your lifestyle. Human become Promoter such as in MLM, Banks, Cheap Promoter and etc. Cheap Promoter ask you to take a lucky draw, and he/she told you that you had won some prizes such as Proton Exora, but he/she want you to pay deposit such as RM 8,000? Dey you won a free prizes and why do you pay deposit? Use brain to think of this, this is a trap! HUNTARD! =D This kind of tactics is still existed in Malaysia ok? Last time I saw the most is in Summit USJ! Now had attack KLANG or PJ I think . . . So . . . please aware of this!

Why the heck I join nuffnang? Is because got Free Movie Pass? No . . . of course get some extra pocket money ok? And of course, secure? hmm maybe, is because I saw some other people post about it is all about positive news =)

I saw some previous post such as FREE CD! I can get Free CD also if I blog about it. But is not a brand new CD you see. I already saw a list from S'Company page, you only can choose it. (While stock last) Promote for S'Company, to reminds all human around us that S'Company do give FREE CD, not FREE lunch ok? =P

FREE Movie ticket is either to use our (blogger) mouth and typing speed of lights to spread out the news such as "WOW! TOY STORY IS A NICE MOVIE!" (Normally free tix from Nuffnang will get to see the movie first right?) You get what I mean, is just a advertising for Nuffnang or advertising for PIXAR =P

Hmm for my opinion, I do like to have Free Dinner instead of Free Coffee Meeting alright? =P
No hards feeling ok? Chillax & Peace



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