Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vinyl Shakerz - One Night in Bangkok

Tonight Boom Boom kao your speaker!


FREE? Ask yourself

Well I am not old, is just a emotional post from me, currently right now my location is in cyber cafe.

And recently I saw some post like Free Passes, Free CD's or Free Free Free some shit la!

This world sure have something Free, but it doesn't mean it's FREE at all. And is for the CHOOSEN 1. When you walk pass some shop with a few promoters standing outside of the shop, be wary, might as well is cheaters promoter! We (Human) is asking money from each other, so who you wanna be? Asking Money from other people the most? Or become a person which is spend the money most? Somehow I would like to become ask money the most! And I try to aware some people which is ask money from me as well. Become greedy, it might change your lifestyle. Human become Promoter such as in MLM, Banks, Cheap Promoter and etc. Cheap Promoter ask you to take a lucky draw, and he/she told you that you had won some prizes such as Proton Exora, but he/she want you to pay deposit such as RM 8,000? Dey you won a free prizes and why do you pay deposit? Use brain to think of this, this is a trap! HUNTARD! =D This kind of tactics is still existed in Malaysia ok? Last time I saw the most is in Summit USJ! Now had attack KLANG or PJ I think . . . So . . . please aware of this!

Why the heck I join nuffnang? Is because got Free Movie Pass? No . . . of course get some extra pocket money ok? And of course, secure? hmm maybe, is because I saw some other people post about it is all about positive news =)

I saw some previous post such as FREE CD! I can get Free CD also if I blog about it. But is not a brand new CD you see. I already saw a list from S'Company page, you only can choose it. (While stock last) Promote for S'Company, to reminds all human around us that S'Company do give FREE CD, not FREE lunch ok? =P

FREE Movie ticket is either to use our (blogger) mouth and typing speed of lights to spread out the news such as "WOW! TOY STORY IS A NICE MOVIE!" (Normally free tix from Nuffnang will get to see the movie first right?) You get what I mean, is just a advertising for Nuffnang or advertising for PIXAR =P

Hmm for my opinion, I do like to have Free Dinner instead of Free Coffee Meeting alright? =P
No hards feeling ok? Chillax & Peace



Omg! My blog is gonna be . . . . Playrole on Harry Potter Fevers!!! FEAST FOR POTTER! =P

ok ignore my craziness! Will post something about title above and of course will extract some sources from Wikipedia. Link will posted over HERE!

Remember this books? Is called Tom Riddle's diary, the first Horcrux that Harry Potter encountered, as seen in the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

In books(story) itself stated as Horcrux is a very Dark Stuff or Magical Items in Harry Potter Series. In Magical world most of the wizard forbid to use this kind of magic and this magic had been stated under "Dark Arts". Horcrux only appear in 6th books and this items is very important for the whole story, and this object had been introduce by Professor Slughorn.

And for my info's in my minds, How Horcrux can be created? What is the usage of it? Horcrux created by the creator souls, so Mr. Voldy had split himself to seven parts of it! Which means the usage of Horcrux is seal part of the soul into a object. As picture above, Tom Marvolo Riddle Diary.

The number of Horcrux in this story is 7 items of them, more info can click over HERE.
Or the JPEG Picture below:









PS Will post up more soon, about another kind of story! =)


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(Well I hope the link will stay alive always, for the CleverMovie!!!)

Do you guys feel Exited about the Harry Potter Movie? So here you goes! Official Trailer is here!

I hope this time Harry Potter Movie wont let us down alright? But for my opinion when I read the novels, it's complicating for some part of story, used alot of complicating words as well! =) Dragons! Goblin! Destroy Horcruxes! 2 parts of Movie, will make you bored, report from fans said "no it wont!" LuLz!
(But I would read it few more times again, too bad my books . . . I had lost it, will buy another if I got extra income.)

By KianFai

Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Movie : Toy Story 3
Venue : Summit USJ - THX 11.45pm (19th June, 2010)
Who? : Me (Kian Fai), TY, Suan X 2, Kian Sheng

Why Not 3D? Because 4 person of us, 3 person is wearing specs . . .

Well Toy Story 3 will shown up a short video called Day & Night, it's touching!


This is just a part of the video clip, and if you go to watch the movie, make sure to go into cinema slightly early, it will show up after advertistment! And it is so touching!

Detail of Toy Story : I wont tell it so obvious anyways, else I got screwed by other friends / blogger. I promise . . . It "won't" be so obvious =X And anyway! Buzz Lightyear will give you guys heck alot of surprise! Might as well the smartest Woody!

Split Personality? =P Best Friend with Twitch (In my opinion)

Err . . . Nothing Special? Best Friend with Chunk (In my opinion)

DOLLY The Evil Witch!!! Hmmmm =)

Aww Big Baby, I'm so Proud of you! =)

And Now this is the Pink Plushy Bear, hmmmm (smell it) Strawberry ~ ~

Anyway this Toy Story 3 is so meaningful, and it seems Andy is going to University . . .

After Movie Session, I fetch Suan X 2 and Kian Sheng back to home first, and pass by this place the road called SS13/1K. The balloon it shows like a moon!! hahah Try to double signal at the road side and grab the picture =) (It was almost 2am soon)

After Movie Session, me and TY went to ss15 Uphill MC Donald and having supper. Nuggets! Yummy! =P Feel like gonna eat it again, maybe will call TY to buy it!!

By KianFai

P.S.: Anyway I gotta watch this for another 1 - 2 times . . . . Because of promises hehe

Friday, June 18, 2010


Silly me, I thought I was dreaming . . . . Please click the image above to view in enlarge mode. I think I had download too much and too hardcore on browser -.-! Maybe plan to update slowly.

And gonna stop the downloading shit! LOL!!

Anyways . . . I forgot I using Digi . . . Should control myself using Digi because I already known that sign up for Digi Broadband is just go through web browser, not to download!



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Porn star offers her body as compensation for war crimes

A Japanese porn star with a doctorate in Sino-Japanese history is offering to have sex with Chinese students - to apologise for her country's invasion of China.

Raunchy Anri Suzuki feels so bad about what her countrymen did in 1937 that she is offering to make up for it in the only way she knows how.

The sexy 24-year-old, from Tokyo, has made the naughty offer to Chinese students in her homeland after studying the Japanese invasion.
She said: "We have to respect the lessons of history and although we cannot obliterate it we can try and make recompense.
"I want to cure the wounds of China with my body, and I offer to do this by having sex with Chinese students in Japan.
KianFai would says:
Please stop spreading aids by using sexual action.
If you want to use body to purified our nightmares I would rather to see how you apologize. We Chinese is not as dirty minded as you think! Please respect us!

Sources: Daily Chilli News

The Sun, UK

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creamy Seafood Spaghetti (Photo Only)

Was wanted Craving this badly, is time to save up more money to look for it. Of course will wait for Kyril Soul-X, Algin, Pei Li, Terry and etc . . . go eat together. Maybe next week or end of this month.


PS: Kitchen Creatures? Is nice ok? I love the burger as well haha Peace

Monday, June 14, 2010

What is that?

Description: A very touching clip about parents. will surely bring tears to your eyes

Father: What is that? Son: A Sparrow . . .
Sometime you need alot of patience towards to the old man or elders. I'm prepared to face it, is a must to face this fact.

Actually no matter what parent had done to me, I will keep quiet and I will not fight back. Because they had sacrifice alot of time on us.

By KianFai

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Having Hard Time . . . .

I would like to apologize to many peoples which I owe alot of work and I haven't completed yet.

I got no mood to post something like world cup post, the WC Highlights is making me sick.

I would like to revenge to those peoples who's promise me but it didn't really achieve it.

I hate people promise me, like today . . . . Sunday suppose to be my great day, promised me on 1pm, now? Look at the damm clock . . . 3.45pm . . . I is having hard time with my work, of you don't promise me on that day, I would ask another person which is more responsibility to help me fix my machine. Because of your kindness and you can't promise me . . .

What reason you would like to give? Your parent pass away? Your Brother pass away? Your Dog is dead? Your son is sick? You motor bike Tyre blown off by itself?

Yesterday you had promise me (saturday) promise me on 1pm also . . . I sit there until 8pm you still haven't shown up at my office. What the fuck you doing? Your promise is precious, you don't even want to pick up my phone call, this is what I really feddup about. Boss, promise is a promise, you can say you don't want to do my work. At least pick up my phone call, tell me what is you problem I can help you solve the problem. If you say you don't want to do or repair my machines, it is ok. I will call another person.

Then Why the fuck don't pick up my phone call? I ask for help! NOT ASK FOR MONEY you dumb fuck! AKU BUKAN BANK, AKU BUKAN AH LOONG, AKU SAJE NAK MINTA TOLONG! DO NOT MAKE A PROMISE THAT YOU CANT EVEN HELP ME!

Pick up my call, I wont kill you alright? I can kill you with my voice?

I will made my last decision, I wont do anything if you beg me, you can fuck off and go to hell. I wont beg a single help from you, you don't ever fucking come into my office. Don't waste my precious time.


PS: at the same time he is my client and he act very kind and he's indian. Fuck face!

WC Highlights is a Lame Website =)


LAME WEBSITE! I will give you LAME x 9999999999999!



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey Jude, Love this song so much.

Anyway Why do I love this song. When I heard about The Beatles version, I feel like crying it now with my emotional mood. I don't know what is this kinda feelings, but would like to dedicate this song to all the blogger / Friends which is busy / player which play for world cup / to the whole world and remember to hear this song =) Nothing much new deal about it, it's just a song.

With 2 version 1 is The Beatles and another 1 is with subtitles but is 孙燕姿 sing it.

Enjoy ~



I think I had eaten too much past 2 days especially midnight -.-

Last Last night my menu was . . . (At Silva SS15)
Indon Mee Goreng Double with Telur Mata - 2set
Nasi Lemak Biasa - 2bungkus
Teh O Ais Limau - 1cup
Milo Ais - 1cup
Total Cost RM 17bucks +

Last night my another menu was . . . (Hai Lam Kopitiam)
Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang - 2set
Sandwich Chicken Deluxe - 1set
Ice Lemon Tea - 1cup
Ice Choco - 1cup
Total Cost RM 30bucks +

Maybe I'm Crazy -.-! Emotional, my friends keep on telling how crazy he's working and I was like also cheering up and laughing as well =)

Last night was in Hai Lam Kopitiam and I'm glad that I had meet up 1 of my friend Johnson =) He's still look the same and I can sense his profession is getting stronger hehe =P

Today I wake up, I feel my stomach ache and don't really feel well, maybe is time to cut down everything I need to cut down . . . . Bless me alright? =)


Wtf? France vs Uruguay (0 - 0); South Africa vs Mexico (1-1)

Wanted to chase this match LIVE but too bad I need to work on Saturday morning . . .

And I didn't really expect France would draw this match =(

And South Africa draw with Mexico as well. (couldn't find a better video highlights on youtube haha)

France vs Uruguay (0 - 0)
South Africa vs Mexico (1-1)

Note! Video Had been removed on youtube due to copyrights of FIFA World Cup, Sorry for inconvenience!

Awesome goal on Tsabalala =) seriously! And Mexico put on surprise attack on South Africa! Anyways . . . Was hopping South Africa could improve more on avoid surprise attack from other country =P

Enjoy =)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing iPhone 4

Introducing iPhone 4 Got this Email on Malaysia Time, 2.08pm. Date: 9th June, 2010. (from News_Asia@InsideApple.Apple.com)

Because I wanted to get a iPhone badly, so I had subscribed the email from iPhone Store. And this iPhone had launch at US I believe, on August or September will selling fast in whole world? It takes quite sometimes as well right =(

Awesome detail and update on the website, and I plan maybe after end of this year only buy this phone. (Currently my financial had some problem)

Below Content will be shown over here (With some extra features)

Face Time
People have been dreaming about video calling for decades. iPhone 4 makes it a reality. With just a tap, you can wave hello to your kids, share a smile from across the globe, or watch your best friend laugh at your stories — iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. And it works right out of the box. No other phone makes staying in touch this much fun.

Retina display
The Retina display on iPhone 4 is the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models. In fact, the pixel density is so high that the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. Which makes text amazingly crisp and images stunningly sharp.

Anyway Guys and Girls, can check out more detail again over here right? Cheers! (Too many detail to post, later confused hehe)

By Kian Fai


Are you gonna be remembered? Once you had gone?

Was so tiring.

Was so emotional.

Was so lonely.

Was so unhealthy.

Was so poor.

Was so fear to the death.

Was so unwell.

Was so sad.

Was so timeless.

Was so greedy.

Unable to breath right on this year . . .

Had been in this kind of situation for like 4years . . .

Pray for me, cheer me, love me, bless me . . .

I hide all my tears and my pains in to my heart, is so suffer to bring it out . . .

Trying to stand up . . .

Trying to tank all the arrow of pain / sorrow / angry / ignorance . . .

I will be REMEMBERED! And I am well PREPARED!


Monday, June 7, 2010

A simple Apologize is Hard to say out? Or Type it Out?

Sorry, Is all words again. This Happen on Last week I think.

I don't care where you come from (sabah or west Malaysia), we are all human, personally I think that you sucks, because as a admin of the group, you have the right to change the name of the groups, change the profile picture of the group and change the detail of the group.

You didn't! Why? Is it hard to type out a sorry? A simple apologize, and you cant type it out? Being Human, you know how to apologize and how to forgive other people. But you didn't!!! Your sister, Your buddy support you, but is in a wrong way. Think wisely, you had break the LAW! And you might hurt other people feelings! With a simple google search, copy and paste and save it into your desktop! Why don't you try to google what is the meaning? Who's the owner? You can even google their website and you can even found their main location as well!

JLUX (Fake) - Facebook Group

Stephen Lim aka Stephen KkZhai

Please think wisely, I didn't post anything bad about it, just need to let you guys know, once you copy other people works and use it, you had break the Law. Too bad in this world Law is not strong enough. Else you will be OWNED by somebody by using LAW to be-OWNED!


PS: As a designer like me, I personally feel very sensitive about this Issue. =)

**UPDATE** Stephen Lim had apologize and Facebook had removed the groups. =)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A post a day, Lazy will go away.

A post a day, Lazy will go away.

Ok why so sudden I post this kinda topic?

First of all, I would like to apologize to not to update my blog, because I'm LAZY!

And . . . LAZY well end all of your single work! It means GG!!

So sorry because my LAZY Virus had been infected to me!

So I will explain over here what had I done, working, L4D-ing (Mass Versus), X Hero Siege, Makan-ing, sleeping . . . So I had plenty more time to blog and . . . I'm LAZY so please forgive me . . .

Lazy would end up all of your plan as in:
- dun really want to click the link
- dun really want to go out
- dun really want to drive
- dun really want to eat unless some1 go and cook it
- dun really want to eat unless some1 go and "take away" it
- dun really want to go cyber cafe with friends unless somebody "belanja" you
- dun really want to go and work unless some1 fetch you

Ok, somehow I realize some Malaysian are LAZY! Because of someone wannabe Birthday, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Awal Muharam, School every First Week of the Month - The Day of Saturday is a Holiday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year Eve, The Day of Eating Chinese Dumplings, The Day of Eating Mooncake and more! Etc ....!

So many Holidays, even is non of our Business Also HOLIDAY! Oh well . . .

So I dun really complain much about it, because of Holidays. ( I work 7days a week ok? Not 8days a week!)

Well I hope less Holiday, so the value of Malaysia Financial Will GROW! And you can reduce the Working time and more part times for other poor ass!


PS (Seriously I work 7days a week alright? Is just Sunday that I work until 5pm)

Sorry for my poor English! Thank You for Reading!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorry for the Late Update!

Sorry for the Late Update!

I need to take a rest due to lots of work need to do =(

But Kinda lots topic in my head and kinda screw up as well.

Don't really know where to start with it. Coz I ish to tired!

New Month had crushed my brain, was brain-storming how to improve my skill of works as well.

Have a nice day to all of you. Coming back soon!

By KianFai