Friday, May 21, 2010

Playrole "Who's the Mafia?"

Hi there, some people might ask me what is the meaning of Playrole?
The meaning is similar with "Role-Playing". So I'm Role-Playing wannabe you see =P
Still not understand? So I might need to explain it in the other way round like . . . a games perhaps.

So you guys got play any games such as "Who's the Mafia?"
This game is base on 2 person Mafia, 1 spy, and 1 doctor, others is Civilian. (It might need more then 8 people in the games, this is exiting! *giggles*)
SO!!! . . . . you need to identify them with poker cards . . . oh yeah you need a judge to remain "open the eye", and this judge is heck important too yall!?!

Poker Card to Identify:

King - Mafia (2 Mafia, must choose 1 person to be killed)

Jack - Spy (1 spy, to spy through who is the Mafia, only can spy 1 times)

Queen - Doctor (to heal a random people in the games, it might safe some important people)

Numbering - Civilian (no power, but have the power to talk crap & Idealism Fella! =P)

Ok! So the Judge must speak alot of words ya? (The Game start with 10person ok?)
Giving out poker cards and do not show to other people what card they have ok? only the owner of the card can see it. after that, all the cards must return to the judges.
So in the city have this 10 people, the night had come! Every1 close the eyes! (Sleep)

So, Mafia, Please open your eyes. (2 mafia must open the eyes and discuss choose a person then kill it, but please, no voice are allowed)
So, Mafia, Please close your eyes.
Then Doctor, please open your eyes, so doctor must decide to choose 1 person and heal it. (if doctor heal the person which is mafia chosen just now, that person is survive!)
Then Doctor close his eyes.
Spy, open your eyes now, who you want to spy then? (spy must choose it wisely then)

So It went to Day times, Judge must report. Examples :**Doctor Failed to heal**Mafia Killed a Civilian or Spy** ok, Spy, Doctor, Mafia can expose their Identity as well, wouldn't want to expose the identity as well also permission-ed. Judges must not expose their identity remember! Judge only can report that who's dead, must not say who's survive. Mafia can act as Spy, Civilian can act as Spy as well, crap! You guys understand? Such thing like Bollywood? LOL! And Players (include civilian / mafia and doctor, you know? Mafia hiding identity as civilian. Spy and doctor as well hahaha!) can do something like politics vote who is the mafia and so on. Majority votes can vote out that player you see. So each round must vote out 1 person.

**This games can be done in many rounds, either mafia will wins or civilians/doctor/spy wins!**

Those word that I typed above it must be judge who speak it out. Other player must be silent mode but if players laughing or say something, responsibility is the player itself.

So if you cant understand this post, or this post isn't perfect, you can give me suggestion alright? =D

by, Kian Fai


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