Monday, May 31, 2010

My Deviantart - Photo Repairing

Ya would like to share something. (Not showing off)

To show a picture that before and after.

Repair the photo from bad condition to another new photo.

By using a simple tool on photo shop called "Clone Stamp Tool", if you know the basic of the clone stamp tool, so you can almost do the same thing that what I posted up right now.

By using clone stamp tool, and edit this photo, you need to clone some similar color in a small portion (not big) if you clone it in big portion, the photo might look too ugly.

To view full preview can go

Well Enjoy

By KianFai


  1. thx =) but not so cool heh > <

  2. Haha~ hope u can teach more stuff :D

    I wan learn^^

  3. Thank you Meoramri =)

    @Bruce hahaha ^^ will try to set up properly before post it up


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