Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ironman II (2010)

LOLED At this Magazine Front Cover!

Well wanted to post this topic up earlier, because of my work doesn't allowed me to do this! I'm also big fans of Marvel Comic as well, so I followed with my friends Kyril Soul-X, SeigTerry and others to 1 Utama Golden Screen Cinema. Before watch this movie, I also received alot of negative feedbacks from other friends which is posted on Facebook, msn chatting and newspaper. Newspaper says "Ironman only appear on screen at least 4times." So . . . when I starting to watch this movie, with a poor mood to watch it alright? But the result of the movie overall is "not-bad" =) Can love this movie ok?

With action from Whiplash, raping mimbo Ironman it makes me feel "Wow! This Whiplash sure know how to rape Ironman without his suits." This sentence means it, Whiplash is only use his "Heart" to ruins the whole Racing Games and rape Ironman alright? *Thumbs-up* And this part of the whole movie it happen on "Beginning Parts of the Movie".

Well actually I love Ironman also but in Marvel Comics ok? I feel alot of gayness when I watch Robert Downey act as Ironman. So it makes me feel slightly sick of it. But I do enjoy Robert Downey sitting on the signboard of Donut Shop, it makes me feel kinda joke and moody become happy. *laugh*

It is also surprised that Don Cheadle had been signed to replace Terence Howard in Iron Man 2. =( But it would not affected Movie Process and I think most of the Iron Man Movie Fan would continue support this movie.

Well so I think alot of you guys had been giving advices to stay after the movie, because it might pop out a mysterious sense =) check it out on man.

by Kian Fai


  1. i think i prefer terence howard =)

  2. yes . . . Don Cheadle is tooo thin in my opinion, but in war machine suits, it immediate become another person LOL!


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