Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Well Well Well! Toy Story 3 is coming out! *Scream*
And I wanted to watch this movie badly. *Giggles*
This is my all time Favorite and I hope I can watch it!
Of course I would like to share what new toys I wish to see in Toys Story 3!?!?!?

Well TWITCH seems to look like my Favorite!! Why? Because TWITCH look like Masked Rider, Adventurous with His Staff, Removable Armor LOL?!?! Maybe TWITCH know how to cast some spell alright! Stop laughing at him! *Giggles*

And MR. PRCIKLEPANTS looks so Adventurous as well with his "Robin Hood" or "Peter Pan" Cap as well!!! *giggles*
Ahh Shirtless or Clothless Heroes, with his Lion represent as Brave, King of all Animal! *WoW*

ANY WAY!! PEACE YALL! Hope to watch this lovely Toys Story 3!! RAWR RAWR!!



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