Friday, May 28, 2010

Horror! Please aware!

Horror! Please aware! Content on below are not suitable to read unless you really want to read it. So read it ok? =)
(BASED ON THIS STORY IS HAPPEN AROUND ME OR THAT UNCLE, I dunno it happen to other race/religion or not, so cheers!)

As my title above, I just wanna pass down some knowledge to other people which is do not have this kinda knowledge. (Weird LOL)

So what kinda knowledge you want to read / see it . . . no doubt is what I type first then you read first! (Craps!!)

So I'm Chinese, I know alot of things, what kind of things you want to know? (Actually not that much ok? Is just a knowledge that your elders didn't teach you in proper way to avoid it) What? What?

Ok is about avoid Ghost Disturbance or Interruption and some story about a uncle which can actually see Ghost. (So it is base on my place here Klang Kampung Jawa / Taman Sentosa)

A Uncle from young age that he can see thru the ghost but he's still afraid about it. Why? Even Daytime also he can see the ghost, Images is blur but is a human shape in front of him. Like when a fella just pass away, the soul/Ghost is still in color. When a person pass away more than a few years, the ghost it becomes like grey color or the colour is being faded away. Another 1 more example is the ghost is full of blood colours or dripping bloods come out. (Which depends how is the person die before he become a soul/ghost) So I would like to point a few example of this uncle, he saw ghost on the street you see.

But somehow he went to shopping complex such as AEON Bukit Tinggi (man I don't dare to go anymore and he went with his family for cinema for enjoy session), that shopping mall or market district, he say he cant see anything at all! Cant see any of the ghost existing at the market! Why? So here comes the answer, prepare go to cinema, buy a ticket with his family and go watch it. He say "Walao, sibeh boh ho seh a . . ." (Which means he feel very uncomfortable because he saw a pasar malam inside the cinema show room, and some other incident happen in stair case of AEON Bukit Tinggi it prove it all, I believe many of you guys read this news before on other forums)

Why do I think it's true? Because I heard this kind of story 3rd times. Alot of place such as During World War 2, Japanese invade Malaysia. Let's say Klang Kampung Jawa, that uncle say He don't really dare to go into the Forest because the Forest is use for Japanese to execute alot of people. That uncle say there is flies everywhere. (Kesian Betul)

Another Incident about Lucky Number took from Ghost, a Indonesian should be accurate. This Uncle help him take the lucky number, then the Indonesian go and buy it (TOTO, MAGNUM, KUDA), and then the Indonesian kena RM 600 as a winning prizes. So this Indonesian had spend RM 200 for feast and meal, and then when he do his work, he kena injured. RM 400 for his medical fee . . . . So this Indonesian he does'nt believe anything, he go ask that uncle to take this lucky number again and buy . . . So how much did this person kena again? RM2,000.00!!! TANIAH!!! But he dam scared . . . and once he get the money and he want to do something good as donation. But everything is too late for him! He caught in accident and he got his car repaired RM2,000.00 just accurate. And now this Indonesian don't really dare to go take number from the ghost again.

So my point of view over here, he take the number from the ghost be he cant use it because the ghost win for him and the ghost got nothing to get! So Please Be-careful! When on Hungry Ghost Month, this uncle will say something weird is because that uncle saw alot of ghost flashing out from no where! And we humanity burn alot of "underworld note" to serve the ghost and for sure this uncle will saw a cow face and horse face must grabbed the money first, which mean our politician in real life is in corruption and in underworld also got corruption too! O_O Those ghost are grabbing those money like crazy! Speed of light! "This is what uncle said."

Alright another story is also base on me, when I was young, I go Ching Ming with Family, so I stepped on some candle and I didn't say sorry. On night time, I when to toilet and puke. Guess what I puke? Is cleared Tea! Pure tea! No foods puke come out . . . That's very weird. On next day my parents bring me go pray and drinks a water with Burned Amulet, and it's alright already.

So Next time when you trying to pee on road side, you need to pray and say excuse me, sorry or please. =) (Be polite, might as well they be polite to you too!)

** I'm so sorry about uncle this uncle that but this uncle is not a pray pray 1 alright, so sorry **



  1. wow ur uncle can see ghost?>> really?>... scared lah

  2. not my relatives anyway, just a random shop neighbor =)

  3. OMg, I heard a lot of people said Bukit Tinggi is haunted. I guesss that's true lor.

  4. haha dun try this! I dun dare to go bukit tinggi jusco even thou is still new!

  5. it sounds like the singapore movie, 'where got ghost' LOL!

  6. @fish hahaha but is real neh . . . bukit tinggi . . . I dun dare to go lo now. . . .

  7. my fren at night saw ghost at bbt aeon.. i work there once ..i experience weird stuff.. duh~ hate .. nice post btw :D


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